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Meeting A Community Need

It was 1998 and Portland home prices were climbing. Fast. Meanwhile, incomes were stagnating and even falling.

Working families were being left behind, priced out of a soaring housing market. Most distressing, entire neighborhoods became so expensive that families left in droves leading to the displacement of many long-term residents. Many were forced to leave the neighborhood that they wanted to live in, or, in some cases, where their families had lived for generations, because they could no longer afford to live there.

Community members and government officials, working together, felt that a Community Land Trust (CLT) could help residents who have been priced out of the housing market achieve the stability and wealth-building opportunity of homeownership.

In 1999 Proud Ground was founded through efforts led by the City of Portland. Using the community land trust model, the organization first known as Portland Community Land Trust became the first city-wide entity to provide permanently affordable homeownership opportunities, serving its first homebuyer in 2001. In 2009 the organization became Proud Ground in order to reflect service to a broader region.

Regional expansion began in 2010 with service to all of Multnomah County; expansion continued in 2012 to include service to Washington and Clackamas Counties, which included integrating with Clackamas Community Land Trust. Service to Clark County, WA in 2014 solidified Proud Ground’s region-wide service.

Service area and portfolio size positions Proud Ground as the largest organization of its kind in the Northwest and one of the largest in the country.

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