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We did it! We finally did it!

10. Christen

“As I sit back and look at my life three years ago, I am amazed at how far my family has come. I was stuck. I felt like I was only treading water; never swimming. I had a long way to go towards home ownership.

“After saving and budgeting, I wanted to keep working towards my personal goals. [My HAP GOALS coordinator] got me in contact with Proud Ground … I knew it was going to take work. I stayed focused and persistent.

“After a long search, I finally found my home. When I drove through my neighborhood for the first time, I thought to myself (as I cried), ‘I finally did it … I can’t believe my children get to grow up here!

“My children now have a backyard to play in—and yell and stomp around if they want. I can draw up the wall as my children grow. If I want to paint the walls, I can. My children can return with their children and tell them this is where they grew up.

We did it! We finally did it! I am a home owner; the first home owner in at least 4 generations. We broke the cycle of poverty.”

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