Joshua, Niki & Harvey

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We feel enormous relief followed by gratitude. We are home, and now we know what’s going to happen. Years of limbo have ended.

Photo by Kristal Passy Photography

Like many hardworking families, Joshua and Nicole (Niki) Patrick, along with their five-year-old son, Harvey, had moved from rental to rental and could no longer sustain themselves with the rising costs of rent.

“Our son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in the fall of 2015 and more than anything, our family needed roots. The stability and the predictability of owning home would be paramount for him – for determining where he’d attend school, what services would be available to him, and integrating him into a community where he could make friends. Our medical expenses went through the roof, and we were living on one modest income. Niki was driving to all of the appointments, and employment for her just wasn’t an option. In addition, the Portland (and national) housing crises: rising rents, exploited tenants, immoral institutional investors – all these were motivators as soon as we figured out that owning could be, in the end, more affordable than renting. Previously, our rent was hundreds more than our current mortgage payment and HOA fees combined.”

Through Proud Ground, the Patricks qualified for a grant and bought their house in 2016. Since then, they’ve experienced many joys through their homeownership experience.

“Now, we get to go camping sometimes! That’s a respite for the three of us. For quite a while there, we were so stressed out about where we were going to end up, that our weekends were dedicated to researching the answers. We didn’t get a lot of family down time…This is such an incredible opportunity for folks like us.”

The Patricks, along with their “aged and distinguished cat,” Noko, enjoy stability and belonging in their new home. Niki is now a part-time remote office coordinator for Spectra Gymnastics, a gymnastics studio that caters to families affected by autism, and Josh works as an English Instructor at Portland State University and Clark College. We are so excited to share their story and welcome the Patricks home!


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