Lisa, Verondell & La’Breah

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It really does take a village.

07. Lisa, Verondell, La'Breah

It really does take a village: Five organizations helped pave the way to homeownership for Lisa & her family; now her monthly house payments are less than what she was paying in rent.

“It was meant to be; Proud Ground was the perfect fit for me and my desire for a home of my own that I could really afford,” explains Lisa Williams, who is a Resident Services Coordinator with PCRI, along with being mom to Verondell and auntie to La’breah.

Lisa sees homeownership as stability and independence. Lisa’s road to stability and independence began in 2007 when she was a student at Portland State University and she gave birth to her son. Needing a stable home, she was able to secure an affordable rental home through Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives (PCRI). Due to that stability, Lisa graduated from PSU in 2009 and today she is a Resident Services Coordinator with PCRI.

“As a Resident Services Coordinator I’m assisting residents, and part of assisting residents is also assisting myself to become more self-sufficient so that I can be an example,” Lisa says as she explains her path to homeownership. “I set a goal to own a home within two to three years.”

Today, thanks to Proud Ground, PCRI, the Portland Housing BureauCommunity Frameworks’ Self Help Homeownership Opportunity Program, and the African American Alliance for Homeownership, Lisa met her goal.

“Lisa really is an example to other families out there who may think homeownership is out of reach,” says Proud Ground Executive Director Jesse Beason. “The same resources that helped Lisa are available to anyone who wants to achieve the dream of homeownership.”

“Stable housing is the base from which people can move forward to create change in their lives—and Lisa did just that. PCRI is proud to have been a partner in helping Lisa achieve her goal,” says Charles Funches, PCRI Homeownership Program Manager. “And since Lisa is also a PCRI employee, we are doubly thrilled for her success.”


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