Richard & Maria

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Each payment we make on our home is an investment.


After 11 years in the same rental and mounting problems with the house, Maria and Richard were ready to move.

“So many problems with the landlord,” Richard explains. “Even though we always paid our rent on time, the home was in foreclosure and he never made any repairs. By the time we were ready to move the roof had started to cave in and we had buckets all over the house.”

Now that they’re homeowners, Richard and Maria say they feel at ease. “Our children seem more at peace,” Maria says. “We hope that our children will follow our example and invest in their own home some day, and that they achieve this goal at a younger age than we did. This purchase is providing us with the opportunity to teach them how to save and manage money.”

Maria continues, “The biggest joy is knowing that this is our own space, and it is filled with tranquility. My son was ecstatic, he kept saying My room, my room, finally my own room!


Homes For Sale

Condo$198,500 - $227,500 ($1,281 - $1,517*/mo)

Cully Place Condos $198,500 – $227,500 ($1,281 – $1,517*/mo)

Address Unavailable
Portland, OR 97218

  • 2-4Beds
  • 1.5-2Baths
  • Square Feet
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