Anna, Pedro, Ana Luiza and Isabella

Anna, Pedro, Ana Luiza and Isabella 2019-10-21T23:15:55+00:00


Upon entering Anna and Pedro’s home, one is immediately greeted by the aroma of dinner on the stove, bright smiles from 17-year old twins Ana Luiza and Isabella, and two very happy dogs. Anna and Pedro’s journey toward Proud Ground homeownership started in 2012 when Anna first heard about this ‘too-good-to-be-true organization that helps households with lower incomes become homeowners.’ After meeting with many Proud Ground homeowners, Anna reached out to Proud Ground. When a Proud Ground homeowner sold their home, it resold to Anna and Pedro and maintained its affordability.

Today, Ana Luiza and Isabella feel secure in their home and love entertaining friends in the backyard. Pedro is emboldened by the homebuying process, using that experience in his daily work as a real estate agent. Anna remarks, “We literally never thought buying a home would happen for us in Portland. It took five years for us to own a Proud Ground home; it was a journey. It feels like the stars aligned and it was really magical.” Pedro, who emigrated from Brazil in 2001, recalls that as everything fell into place, he felt like his late father – a real estate agent in Brazil – was watching over them the whole time. Pedro now serves on Proud Ground’s Board of Directors, helping to create more opportunities for homebuyers like him and Anna to ensure their family’s stability.