Real Estate Services for the Community

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“As an individual, the affordable housing crisis facing our city seems daunting and my own effort seems small. But I love Portland, it’s my home, and I hope my small decisions inspire others’ small decisions. Together, we can be part of the affordable homeownership solution.” – Portia, Proud Ground Real Estate Brokerage Services Client

Proud Ground is the only real estate brokerage in Oregon operated by a non-profit.
Proud Ground is a full-service real estate brokerage for buyers and sellers who want to give back to their community in the purchase or sale of their market-rate home. As a social enterprise, all commissions earned from the community realty services go back to Proud Ground to provide permanently affordable homeownership opportunities for low-moderate income families who are priced out of today’s market. During a time of robust activity in the real estate industry, Proud Ground can ensure that the brokerage fees that any seller spends make a greater impact in the community.

Proud Ground is also a licensed real estate brokerage in the State of Washington.

Who uses Proud Ground’s Real Estate Brokerage Services?

Proud Ground’s Real Estate Brokerage Services represents buyers and sellers in open-market real estate transactions. Many are altruistic, attracted to Proud Ground’s services based on its mission-based work in providing homeownership opportunities to low and moderate income buyers in neighborhoods throughout Oregon. Everyone sees it as a way to invest back into their community, from baby boomers looking to downsize to new families looking to establish roots in their community.

Proud Ground’s market rate listings are offered to any buyer. There are no income limitations or resale restrictions on homes offered through the real estate services we provide to the community.

Get Started

Proud Ground’s real estate brokers ensure an excellent understanding of the market and service in assisting clients in achieving their real estate goals. All Proud Ground market rate listings can be found on the RMLS.

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