Eileen, Baret, Miles & Wyatt

Eileen, Baret, Miles & Wyatt 2018-09-24T21:51:46+00:00

Saving Money While Saving the Environment!

Eileen and Baret began their lives together in a 647 square foot one bedroom apartment – which soon became a tight squeeze with two growing boys. With the support of Proud Ground, they purchased their dream home within one year, featuring a fenced-in yard, large living space, friendly neighborhood, and multiple bedrooms. Miles and Wyatt have a blast running around their backyard, picking not-quite-ripe blueberries off the bushes, and riding their bikes out front.

Shortly after settling in, Proud Ground contacted the homeowners with an opportunity to receive complimentary solar panels through Solar for All, Inc. Proud Ground partners with the non-profit, Solar for All, Inc. who installs solar panels on Proud Ground homes to provide homeowners with energy savings, at no cost to the homeowner. Solar for All, Inc. and Proud Ground recently expanded their partnership to Clark County homeowners, completing installations on four Proud Ground homes. Excited about their recent installation, the family runs out to the electrical meter every day to check the levels. While it has only been one sunny week, their energy usage has already decreased by fifty percent. As Eileen starts a new job next week, she remarks that everything continues to fall right into place since they became first-time homeowners.