Backyard Habitat Program

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Beautify and Naturalize Your Yard!

The Backyard Habitat Certification Program provides assistance and incentives to homeowners within the City of Portland to restore native wildlife habitat in their backyards. The goals of the program are to assist through three levels of habitat restoration. The program focuses on the removal of aggressive weeds, nature-scaping with native plants, storm-water management and wildlife stewardship.

The first step is having a Backyard technician come to your backyard for a site visit. They will provide technical assistance and a site plan tailored to your yard. They will also provide discounts and incentives for native plants and other materials to help you on your way. A fee of $25 is due at your site visit. A certification sign from Audubon and Columbia Land Trust will identify your yard as certified wildlife habitat, and you will join over 500 others who are linking yards together by creating places for insects and birds to find food and shelter.

Kathy Armstrong, Proud Ground’s former Deputy Director, participated in the program and shares her thoughts, “It was great to see that this isn’t about ripping your entire yard out. It’s about simple things you can do to save yourself from extra yard care and watering, while at the same time inviting more birds, butterflies and other fun things to come visit! Of course, the great discounts on plants, tools, soil and mulch help too!”

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