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More Ways to Get Involved…

Rising housing costs—be it renting or ownership—take a greater share of a family’s income than ever before. And given the nature of job-creation and wages in today’s economy, that’s not likely to change.

Here’s the challenge.  Proud Ground’s unique and life changing homeownership opportunities are made possible through support and investments made at the federal, state and local levels of government. Proud Ground is an active member of organizations and coalitions that are working hard to promote policy changes and secure more resources to tackle the affordable housing crisis at all levels of government, throughout our region.

We need your help. These are the efforts efforts Proud Ground and partners are involved with; can you join us?  Contact Diane Linn to find out how you can get involved.

  • To get more hands on, contact the Welcome Home Coalition to find out about options to volunteer to create a new local source of funding for the Housing Investment Fund.  This will allow for desperately needed resources for programs to get homeless people into housing, to create more affordable rentals, and to provide affordable homeownership opportunities.
  • The Oregon State Legislative agenda for 2016 and 2017 includes lifting the ban on Inclusionary Zoning, higher investment in LIFT bonds for housing investments statewide, and many other efforts to ease the pressure on families who are over-burdened by housing costs.
  • We are working with the Anti-Displacement Portland Campaign to promote changes to the comprehensive plan to stop the displacement of low-income families and people of color from once diverse Portland neighborhoods.
  • Partners for Affordable Homeownership (co-convened by Proud Ground and Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East) is working in collaboration to promote homeownership as part of a complete housing continuum. PAH members include Hacienda CDC, Native American Youth and Family Center, African American Alliance for Homeownership, Asian and Pacific Islanders Community Improvement Association, and Portland Community Reinvestment Inc.

Local jurisdictions are also stepping up to address the housing crisis, but much more is needed. This is a crisis.

Contact your elected officials and urge them to act now to make more funds available for affordable homeownership; ask them what they plan to do to increase our region’s supply of homes that working families can afford.  Remind them that healthy, diverse communities include homes that hard-working, middle-income families can afford.

City of Portland

The Region

Federal Legislative efforts are also important

Be a better messenger with these advocacy tips.

Finally, consider a donation to Proud Ground or to any of our partners that provide homes working families can afford.

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