Donor Testimonials

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What People are Saying about Proud Ground


  • “I’m happy to support your work—Proud Ground is clearly one of the things that make Portland such a great place to live.
  • “I grew up in housing that ranged from off-season holiday homes, my grandparents’, a converted caboose, a motel, and other makeshift abodes. A place to lastingly call home completes a life.”
  • “Solid, smart, innovative, successful, integrity. These are just a few of the words I comfortably use to describe Proud Ground. My partner and I purchased our first home with Proud Ground in 2008. The staff made the intimidating process less confusing, worked seamlessly with our Realtor, and have continued to be a source of support and encouragement. Our purchase has fundamentally changed our outlook for our future and we could not have done it without Proud Ground. I now sit on the Proud Ground Board of Directors and I am a financial donor.”
  • “I first learned of Proud Ground in 2005 and have been a supporter ever since. The work the organization does is foundational, essential, and crucial, I believe, for maintaining permanently affordable homes for persons and families in our community for years to come. I am pleased to continue to support Proud Ground and eager to encourage others to do the same.”
  • “I was a renter who was eager to own my own home, but Portland’s housing market was out of control, I could only afford homes way out of the way, or ones that would need lots of repairs. I liked what Proud Ground offered, a way for me to purchase a home that was the right size, and in a neighborhood that is not too far away from my work. I was delighted to be a part of something that would ensure that this opportunity would be available in the future for other home buyers.”
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