Memorial and Honor Gifts

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In gratitude…

Proud Ground is honored to be included when a donor contributes in memory or in honor of a friend or loved one.

In honor of Jesse Beason …. Kathy Gierer

In honor of Ben Lenet and the Tamtes …. Cheryl Streedain

In memory of Susan W. Dillard … Keith Walters

“I donated in honor of a friend’s recent wedding. I wanted something Portland based as that’s where they live, and Proud Ground seemed appropriate as I and the groom both make our livings in the real estate world. I found you through a Portland charities website and when I read your description, I liked the sound of your mission. Living in London, I understand all too well how home ownership can be out of someone’s reach.” Eric L.

“I’m happy to support your work—Proud Ground is clearly one of the things that make Portland such a great place to live.” Keith Walters

“Each year we choose a charity in the area where each of our children live to donate in their name. In addition to being worthwhile the organization has to have some relation to their lives. Our Portland kids have bought and are rehabbing a huge house. It has been a major project that has brought them much joy, sweat, and a strong sense of family and HOME. When I read about Proud Ground in the Oregonian I knew this was a perfect fit; your idea is brilliant….seems so simple and obvious in these hard housing times. Thanks for your good work.” Cheryl Streedain


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