Making Monthly Payments

Making Monthly Payments 2017-05-18T21:47:37+00:00

Lease and Service Fees

Proud Ground homeowners can pay their monthly lease or service fee to Proud Ground any of these ways:

  1. Pay monthly through automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account. Download the form here. Print and complete the form, then mail to Dianne Topp at the Proud Ground office.
  2. Mail a check or money order to our office at 5288 N. Interstate Ave., Portland, 97217.
  3. Pay in person at our office with check, cash, or money order.
  4. Pay online through PayPal using the button below. You will be charged a $0.50 service charge to cover our costs (PayPal charges us a fee for this service); this charge appears as a “Shipping & Handling” fee on the payment page.


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