Homeowner Forms

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This page is for the use of homeowners who live in the subdivisions of Juneberry, Phillips Creek, Orchard Homes and Svaboda Court. You may download word or pdf versions of each form for email or US mail submission. Detailed information about each form, including process and how to submit a request, are within each form.

Project Application. This is the first step for a proposed new use of a common area and/or funds in the development’s maintenance account.

Juneberry Homeowners

Phillips Creek Homeowners

Svaboda Court Homeowners

Grievance Form: This is the first step to request Proud Ground action regarding an issue or dispute, either with another homeowner in your development or with other issues you feel Proud Ground has an interest in.

Funds Request Form: This is the first step to request funds from your subdivisions maintenance and reserve account.

Orchard Homes Homeowners

For Juneberry & Phillips Creek homeowners: Your land lease rider requires that you complete and maintain your landscaping and that you not plant or allow invasive plants or noxious weeds. Here are some handy lists:

Interested in learning more about the benefits of native plants?
      Backyard Habitat Certification Programs: