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Solar on Proud Ground homes


Proud Ground has an established partnership with Portland-based nonprofit organization, Solar for All, Inc. Solar for All’s mission is to fund the installation of solar electric (photovoltaic) panels on affordable homes throughout Oregon at no cost to the housing provider, or the homeowner. Solar for All purchases all solar panels from Solar World USA (made locally in Hillsboro!).

The solar panels will generate electricity (even when it’s cloudy outside), and reduce both your electric utility bill and your carbon footprint. Each system can save the homeowner up to $400 per year and can eliminate the release of up to 3,000 lbs. of carbon-dioxide annually, which is the equivalent of 152 gallons of gas (please note: neither Proud Ground nor Solar for All can guarantee any savings; these figures are based on estimates.)

Our first joint installation was completed in March of 2015, and we now have several Proud Ground homes with solar!

We are NOT currently accepting applications for the Solar Program. We will update this page when new opportunities for Solar are available. 

What is required to participate in this program?

  1. You must be a current Oregon Proud Ground homeowner in good standing. This means:
  • You are current on Proud Ground monthly lease/service payments.
  • Your mortgage is current.
  • Unfortunately, this program is only available to Oregon homeowners at this time.
  1. Home requirements—roof age, condition, and orientation:
  • There must be 10 years of life remaining on the roof of the home (in other words, the roof is no older than 20 years, with normal wear and tear). If your application is accepted for review, Solar for All’s installer will complete a physical assessment of your roof to determine suitability.
  • The roof must be south- or west-facing, with almost no shading from trees to the south and/or west of the home. If your application is accepted for review, Solar for All’s installer will confirm your roof is solar-appropriate.
  1. The homeowner must agree and sign on to the Solar for All program participation requirements (see Cover Letter and Application, below).
  2. Interested? Please complete and submit the application to or mail to Proud Ground-Solar, 5288 N Interstate Ave., Portland, OR 97217—and let us know that you are interested in adding solar electricity to your Proud Ground home!

Solar cover letter

Solar application as pdf

Solar application as word doc