Water Usage & Maintenance

Water Usage & Maintenance 2017-05-18T21:47:36+00:00

By Steve, Proud Ground’s Home Maintenance Specialist

You can drastically reduce your maintenance costs, preserve your health, and increase your resale value by keeping water where it belongs.

  • Water belongs in the bathtub but it does not belong in the wood under the bathroom floor. By spending ten minutes and a few dollars on caulking this area a couple times per year, you can save hundreds of dollars on a new bathroom floor.
  • Water belongs in the shower, boiling pots, and outside but it does not belong on your walls. Keeping your exhaust fans operating properly and using them for a while after showering or cooking will greatly reduce the risk of mold forming in that area and throughout the house.
  • Water belongs in your dryer and the outside vent but it does not belong in the area around your dryer. By keeping the dryer vent unclogged, un-kinked, and attached properly, you can push that moisture outside rather than keeping it in your home where it increases the presents of dust mites and mold.
  • Water belongs in your gutters and downspouts but it does not belong under your home or spilling over as a result of clogged gutters. By keeping your gutters clear enough to allow the water to flow properly you can reduce the water that gets in the wood behind the gutters, under the roof, and other places that will rot if they get wet repeatedly. By keeping the downspout water flowing away from your foundation you will reduce the moisture under your home which will help keep your home healthy and reduces the potential for costly rotten wood under the house.

These are just a few home maintenance tasks that Steve Whitson, our home maintenance specialist, is happy to discuss with Proud Ground Homeowners.  Steve has decades of home repair experience and he is available to Proud Ground homeowners by phone at 503-493-0293 x 14 or contact him by email at steve@proudground.org.

You can also learn how to do many home repair tasks by searching sites like youtube.com or diy.com.  Please check out a few different sources to learn a variety of opinions and then decide for yourself how to proceed.