Hub and Spoke Partners

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As a leader among Community Land Trusts across the Pacific Northwest, Proud Ground has the skillset and resources to support smaller Community Land Trusts that may not have the historical management or staff capacity to operate and manage their own portfolio.

The ‘Hub and Spoke’ model allows Proud Ground to expand its Community Land Trust beyond Greater Portland Metropolitan to serve working families throughout Oregon. In this model, Proud Ground acts as the ‘hub’, providing institutional knowledge on Community Land Trust stewardship, resale formulas, and administrative and fiscal infrastructure to smaller community ‘spokes’ though partnership agreements. The model’s success is dependent on the establishment of a local Advisory Board in the geographical area of each ‘spoke’, along with representation of each spoke as a member of Proud Ground’s Board of Directors. Some ‘spokes’ choose to maintain a long-term partnership agreement with Proud Ground, while others choose to fully integrate.

Proud Ground has piloted the model for the past three years in Lincoln County, managing the unstaffed Lincoln Community Land Trust. With the support of Lincoln County, the City of Newport, and Lincoln City, Proud Ground created a new Buyer Initiated Down-payment Assistance Grant program to initiate more affordable homeownership opportunities.

Proud Ground has interest from other ‘spokes’ across the state and in late 2017 was funded for the next three years by both Meyer Memorial Trust and the Collins Foundation to expand this model. Contact us to learn more.

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