Hub and Spoke Partners

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The Hub and Spoke Program

As a leader among Community Land Trusts, Proud Ground has the skillset and resources to provide its Community Land Trust to other non-profit organizations. In Proud Ground’s Hub and Spoke program, Proud Ground acts as the ‘hub’, providing its established Community Land Trust, necessary managing documents, and administrative infrastructure to ‘spokes’ through memorandums of understanding. ‘Spokes’ pay to use Proud Ground’s Community Land Trust and ensures permanent affordability of their units. ‘Spokes’ have the choice to participate in a:

  • Full Partnership – Permanently incorporating all units into the Community Land Trust. Current full partners include Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East
  • Partial Partnership – Incorporating only specific developments into the Community Land Trust, usually to access funding requiring extended or permanent affordability

Current partial partners include Habitat for Humanity Oregon

  • Fee for Service – Accessing one-time support, including templates or brokerage services


To learn more about partnering, contact Proud Ground’s Executive Director, Diane Linn. For a downloadable pdf of this information, click here.