Jessica & Evangel

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A Huge Weight Off My Shoulders!

Jessica Dippolito and her son, Evangel, had been living in a one-bedroom apartment in the City of Lincoln City for four years. Their housing situation was becoming too expensive, with rent increasing by $300 each year; and too small, with Jessica sleeping on the couch. While Jessica had achieved mortgage readiness, as a single mother working full time at Chinook’s Seafood Grill, she could not afford to save for a down payment. Jessica knew she needed extra support to secure a home that she could afford. Proud Ground matched Jessica with a down-payment assistance grant that gave her buying power to get her offer on a two-bedroom cottage in Lincoln City accepted. Jessica has now had time to settle in and focus on her family’s overall stability. “I have a heightened sense of responsibility now, I manage my time more wisely and think ahead rather than just being focused on paying my bills.”

Jessica’s stability at home helped her advance in her work too. She transitioned from a server position at Chinook Winds Seafood Grill to a Culinary Aide at Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital. Both employers are part of Proud Ground’s Workforce Housing Initiative to help the Lincoln County workforce achieve housing stability.

Being able to afford to stay in her community, near her work, is the best part of Jessica’s new home. “Living in town, near work and the school, really makes a difference, especially in the summer when everyone is headed to the coast and you’re just trying to get to and from work. It’s taken a huge weight off my shoulders.”