$77,000* Down Payment Grants in Vancouver, WA

$77,000* Down Payment Grants in Vancouver, WA


Two Down Payment Grants of up to $77,000* are available for residents of the City of Vancouver. These grants are funded by the City of Vancouver’s Community Development Block Grant HUD program & Community Frameworks. Proud Ground, a state-registered nonprofit, administers all grant opportunities. Homebuyers will have the option to work with any realtor or a Proud Ground recommended realtor.

*Final grant amount will be determined based on need.

Do I qualify for this opportunity?

  • Grant recipients must be first-time homebuyers, meet income qualifications listed below and be living in the City of Vancouver.
  • The home purchased must be located within the City of Vancouver.
  • Must qualify for a minimum mortgage of $220,000 with a Proud Ground approved lender & have at least $4,000 of personal savings for earnest money & inspections.
  • Grant funds will help you purchase a home priced up to $341,000
  • Owner-occupancy, income limits, resale, and other restrictions apply.
  • Learn more by attending a Proud Ground Information Session.

Maximum household income limits at the time of purchase:

Family Size                    1                     2                    3                    4                     5

Max Income            $45,600       $52,100       $58,600        $65,100        $70,350

To apply, please submit a COMPLETE application packet in one email to submit@proudground.org with “Vancouver Grant” in the subject line by Tuesday, April 9 at 5:00 pm.

A complete application packet must include:

***Please note, it can take up to 2 weeks to obtain loan pre-qualification documents***

On Wednesday, April 10 by 5:00 pm, Proud Ground will notify the 2 top income-qualified, pre-qualified home buyers. The homebuyers will have three business days to choose a realtor & complete the grant reservation process. Priority will be given to families with children & households of three or more based on their date of application with Proud Ground.

Questions? Please contact: Marita DeLeon, 503-493-0293 x14/marita@proudground.org

Preguntas? Por favor llame a: Yesika Arévalo, 503-493-0293 x10/yesika@proudground.org

To view and download a flyer with all the information above, click here.


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