$97,000 Clark County Down Payment Grant*

$97,000 Clark County Down Payment Grant*


There are currently two grants available.

Do I qualify for this opportunity?

  • Grant recipients must be first-time homebuyers, meet income qualifications
    listed below and be currently living in Clark County or in the City of
    Woodland. Unfortunately, City of Vancouver residents do NOT qualiy
    for this opportunity.
  • Must qualify for a minimum mortgage of $175,000 with a Proud Ground
    approved lender & have at least $4,000 of personal savings for earnest
    money & inspections.
  • Grant funds will help you purchase a home in Clark
    County or the City of Woodland. Unfortunately, this grant cannot be used to
    buy a home in Vancouver.
  • If you receive a grant reservation, you will
    choose a realtor to work with and begin shopping for a home that meets all
    required criteria.
  • Owner-occupancy, income limits, resale, and other restrictions apply.

Maximum household income limits at the time of purchase:

1 : $49,520

2 : $56,250

3 : $63,300

4 : $70,300

5 : $75,950

6 : $81,550

*Final grant amount will be determined based on household income.

Interested in this opportunity?

This is a first come, first serve opportunity for income-qualified homebuyers. In order to apply, please submit a COMPLETE application packet in one email to submit@proudground.org with “Clark County Grant” in the subject line.

A complete application packet must include:
– Proud Ground Homebuying Opportunity Application – https://bit.ly/2rBwyqt
– 3 months’ worth of recent paystubs for all income earners in the household
– Documentation that you have a minimum of $4,000 available for earnest money
and home inspections
– A loan pre-qualification letter for a minimum of $175,000 from a Proud
Ground approved lender (listed below)
– A closing cost estimate from your lender showing your estimated monthly

***Please note, it can take up to 2 weeks to obtain loan pre-qualification documents***

Proud Ground will notify the 2 top income-qualified, pre-qualified home buyers on a rolling basis. The buyers will have three business days to choose a realtor & complete the grant reservation process. Priority will be given to families with children & households of three or more based on their date of application with Proud Ground.

To view or download a flyer with all of this information on it, please click here.

Questions? Please contact:

Ryan Parker 503-493-0293 x18 or ryan@proudground.org

Preguntas? Por favor llame a:

Yesika Arévalo 503-493-0293 x10 o yesika@proudground.org

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