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Portia recently sold her home with Proud Ground’s real estate services for the community and donated a portion of her proceeds back to Proud Ground. In her own words, here’s her story:

“As a life-long Portlander, I’ve seen the city change dramatically. The streets I walked as a child going to school at Humboldt Elementary and Jefferson High School in the historic African-American neighborhood are unrecognizable as I go to school now as a teacher in the same school district. I still love Portland, but worry about rapid gentrification and skyrocketing housing costs.

I was actually part of gentrification, buying a house in 2005 off Killingsworth and benefitting from a market at the time that strongly encouraged homeownership. At that time, our street was a mix of older African-American families and younger Caucasian families. Fast forward 12 years, the neighborhood has dramatically changed, with most long-time residents having left or been displaced, including my own family.

First, I reached out to non-profits in the affordable homeownership industry, and one culturally specific non-profit helped me hold an open house while I tried to sell it off the open market. But even when I offered it at a below market price, and tried to advertise to my fellow Jefferson alum and local families, no family made an offer.  Perhaps my house was still unaffordable for low-moderate income households. Moreover, I couldn’t reach enough potential buyers just using my own social networks.

I came across Proud Ground and their real estate services. Proud Ground creates permanently affordable homeownership opportunities for low- and moderate-income families so they can live or remain in the community of their choice through their community land trust model. Proud Ground offers real estate brokerage services for community-minded buyers and sellers on the open-market who want to make a difference in their community. All commissions earned from the community realty services support Proud Ground’s work to create permanently affordable homeownership opportunities for low-and moderate-income households in the community.

I listed my home through Proud Ground’s real estate services for the community and they helped me create a covenant potential buyers had to sign, ensuring they would live in the house for five years. Over five days I got multiple offers from buyers willing to sign the covenant and I successfully sold to first-time homebuyers. The realty service fee of 5% went back to Proud Ground to invest in low-moderate income homebuyer’s affordable homes. I also donated a portion of the proceeds back to Proud Ground to invest in displaced families in N/NE Portland, as well as to one of Proud Ground’s partners, the African-American Alliance for Homeownership.”