Victor, Itzayana & Adrian

Victor, Itzayana & Adrian 2018-09-24T22:26:47+00:00

New Baby . . . New Home!

For years, rising rents forced Victor and Itzayana to move from apartment to apartment in Portland. When Itzayana became pregnant, they were determined to end their instability for their son. They moved back into their parents’ home to save money, with the goal of purchasing their own home to raise a family.

Initially, the price of owning a home and the required down payment amounts were intimidating. But when Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East referred Victor and Itzayana to Proud Ground’s Homeownership Program it was only a matter of weeks before they were able to secure a Down Payment Grant in SE Portland. Given the competitive market, Victor and his real estate agent had to submit offers on four houses before their offer was accepted. But the moment their offer was accepted, Victor and Itzayana felt relief knowing their family would always have a place to call home. Moreover, their mortgage is lower than rent for single bedroom apartment in the area.

Proud Ground visited Victor, Itzayana and Adrian one week after they moved into their new home and Itzayana remarked, “It just feels good to have a home and start our little family.”

Victor chimes in about future children, “I joke around about having five, but three is fine.” Adrian is clearly thrilled to have a new home, smiling and laughing throughout the visit. Victor reflects on the experience of becoming a Proud Ground homeowner and new parent, “It was really exciting that everything happened in an instant, like it was meant to happen. At the very end, to get the result you wanted feels really good. All the patience and hard work paid off.”