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18. Lanesheia

“Never give up! As a single mom with three kids on a limited income, a lot of people told me I’d never own my own home. But they were wrong! The best part is that my new house payment is less than I paid for rent.” Lanesheia, Proud Ground homeowner #111

Proud Ground provides affordable homebuying opportunities for families like the Lanesheia’s. Lanesheia has a good job with Nationwide Insurance; she could qualify for a mortgage, but not one for her home’s market value of $210,000. Her $117,000 sales price through Proud Ground, however, was just right. Now that she’s a homeowner Lanesheia has stable monthly payments, her children can stay in the same school, she is building equity, receiving tax benefits and enjoying all the other tangible and intangible benefits of homeownership–and our community has a growing supply of homes affordable for generations to come.

Proud Ground’s Mission, Vision, and Values

Utilizing the Community Land Trust model of permanent affordability, expand homeownership opportunities for families, with low to moderate incomes, so they can live or remain in the community of their choice. Serve as a leading strategic partner to improve affordability region-wide, with a focus on areas affected by displacement.

A livable, equitable and economically viable community where every family can thrive.

• Integrity in every aspect of what we do for short and long term benefit.
• Stewardship of our assets with a commitment to environmental responsibility.
• Accountability for public and philanthropic resources.
• Quality relationships internally and externally.
• Equal access to opportunity and empowerment.

Rising housing costs take a greater share of a family’s income than ever before. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Founded by the City of Portland to address rapidly escalating housing prices, Proud Ground became the first city-wide entity to provide permanently affordable homeownership opportunities. In 2009 the organization expanded to serve a regional and growing need, adopting the name Proud Ground to reflect its regional service model. Regional expansion continued in 2010 with service to all of Multnomah County; followed by service to Washington and Clackamas Counties in 2011 and service to Clark County, WA in 2014. Proud Ground has become one of the largest community land trusts in the country, has never lost a home to foreclosure, and has an impeccable record of service and compliance.

Proud Ground gives hardworking families with stable jobs and steady incomes the chance to buy their first home—affordably. We serve families who can qualify for a home loan, just not one at market rate. And because Proud Ground homes are forever-affordable, family after family has access to the stability and wealth-building that come with homeownership, and our region has a growing supply of homes that are affordable for generations to come.

Proud Ground serves middle-income, first time homebuyers, and supports Proud Ground homeowners, through:

  1. Homebuyer education & counseling–creating ready homebuyers
  2. Post-purchase support, including foreclosure prevention counseling and home repair grants
  3. Affordable home buying opportunities–truly affordable for our buyers and permanently affordable, providing permanent community assets
  4. Asset Management–helping to ensure energy efficient, safe, and solid homes

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