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Did you know?

  • 320+: First-time homebuyers served by Proud Ground
  • Zero: Number of Proud Ground homes lost to foreclosure
  • 260+: Forever-affordable homes in Proud Ground’s portfolio
  • Four: Counties served by Proud Ground
  • Two: We’re the only community land trust actively serving two states!
  • 59%: Proud Ground clients from communities of color

In a recent survey of Proud Ground homeowners:

  • 75% say homeownership makes them feel more financially stable
  • 71% say their employment situation has improved through increase in pay and through additional job responsibilities
  • 44% say they have seen positive impacts on school attendance
  • 78% cited an increase in neighborhood connectedness and sense of community

In their own words

“Owning a home is like the cornerstone of your life. There are times when I lay in bed and think, ‘What it will be like to still be here in 10 years, 20 years?’  Sometimes I wake up at night and still can’t believe it’s mine. Now, my children and grandchildren will always have a place to come home to.”  Anita, Proud Ground homeowner #117