Proud Ground
5288 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR 97217
(503) 493-0293


Yesika Arévalo, Cross-Cultural Community Outreach Coordinator, ext.10
Contact Yesika if you’d like to schedule a Proud Ground presentation for your group or have questions about attending an information session.

Tyler Koski, Project Manager, Real Estate Broker licensed in Oregon, ext. 11
Contact Tyler to schedule a showing of a home home for sale or if you are looking for a real estate agent to assist you with buying or selling a home through Proud Ground Community Realty.

Diane Linn, Executive Director, ext. 16
Contact Diane about the management of the organization and general organizational issues, to get involved in advocacy efforts on behalf of affordable homeowenrship, housing development opportunities, making a donation, planned giving, media & public relations.

Briauna McKizzie, Communications Coordinator, ext. 18
Contact Briauna with questions about workshops, advocacy, events, and public relations.

Dianne Topp, Fiscal Manager, ext. 17
Contact Dianne if you have questions about an invoice or contract.

Katie Ullrich, Homeownership Program Director, Principal Real Estate Broker licensed in Oregon, ext. 12
Contact Katie if you are a current Proud Ground education & counseling client; if you are an active home buyer; or if you are a Proud Ground homeowner who wishes to sell or refinance your home.

Steve Whitson, Project Manager, Real Estate Broker licensed in Oregon, ext. 14
Contact Steve if you are a Proud Ground homeowner and have a question about home repair and maintenance.

Visiting Proud Ground

  • Proud Ground is located in the Patton Park Apartments Building, at the corner of N Interstate Ave. and N Emerson St.
  • We are served most closely by TriMet MAX Yellow line and bus #72.
  • We are a half mile from service by buses #4 and #44.